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  • 21 Days without Complaints

          Bad habits can and have to be overcome and the following six steps will help you to succeed in that.

          So, how can the bad habit be shaken off?

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          Step #1.                   

          To see and acknowledge that you have a bad habit. To understand that this bad habit is alive and harmful to your health and look. No person that e. g. drinks alcohol does not consider him/herself addicted to it. Therefore, the first step is to acknowledge the problem.

          Step #2.                   

          To describe and understand the bad habit. It is necessary “to face” the bad habit, to investigate every and any feature of it. The more time you spend on this stage the more you will understand the bad habit and the easier will it be for you to relinquish it in future.

          Step #3.                   

          To understand the consequences of the bad habit. To understand the harm caused by the habit to you personally and to your neighbors. Everyone must consider this since every bad habit is not only a personal problem but also an inconvenience for those close to you.

          Step #4.                   

          21 days are necessary to get a new habit and to shake off the old one. An American priest and a writer, Will Bowen, the author of A World without Complaints, has suggested to have been putting a violet bracelet during 21 days and to have stopped complaining, criticizing, and expressing discontent. People of 84 countries all around the world have proved this method. In 21 nights, our brain creates new sustainable neuron connections and a new habit is fixed on the physiological level. To overcome an old habit a new habit is needed to be developed. And, this has been taking three weeks.

          Step #5.

          Fix changes. Take pictures, make video of yourself, evaluate yourself – fix positive changes. Share and discuss the positive changes with others. Keep a diary.

          Step #6.

          Find a reward for yourself. Reward yourself for your achievements. It can be a trip to mountains, meeting with friends of fresh strawberry. You will feel that your self-esteem and self-confidence have grown. As a result, your new habit will become your second nature.

          By Rev. Tykhon Kulbaka

          According to: Spiritual-Psychological Counseling


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        • 21 Days without Complaints
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