Parable about a Dream

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        • Parable about a Dream

          Once upon a time there lived a guy. And he has the dream – to have a highly paid job, to marry a beauty, and to become famous.

          One frizzy winter that guy was in a hurry for an interview for a respected company.

          Suddenly, out of the blue, an old man felt down in front of him. The guy looked at the man and thought that the later one was, probably, drunk and did not help him. Therefore, he came for the interview in time. Nevertheless, the interview was not successful – the guy was not hired.

          One summer evening, the guy was walking down the town. Having noticed the group of the street actors he stopped to enjoy the performance. At the end, people applauded and started leaving.

          The guy also turned away to leave but somebody touched his shoulder diffidently. It was the main heroine of the performance, the old lady-clown. She started to ask whether he liked the performance, whether he enjoyed the actors. Nevertheless, the guy did not want to talk and giving her his back with aversion left.

          One rainy evening, the guy was in hurry coming home after his friend’s birthday. He was very tired and he was thinking about an odorous bath and a cozy warm bed.

          Suddenly, he heard somebody’s quiet weeping. It was a woman. She was sitting at the bench near his house. Without an umbrella… Alone… Having noticed our hero she asked about a help. She was desperate because of a hard time at her family. She needed only somebody who would listen to her.

          The guy put on thinking cap, he remembered about the bath and the bed, and made haste home.

          That guy lived unhappy life. And, passed away.

          After the death, he met his Guardian Angel in heaven.

          • You know, I lived absolutely unhappily and my life was hardly worth one’s salt. I had three dreams but none came true. That’s a pity…
          • My friend, – said the Angel, – I made everything to make your dreams true, but all I needed from you were only your hand, your eyes and your heart.

          “All I needed from you were only your hand, your eyes and your heart.”

          • Do you remember the old man who felt down having slipped on the ice? I will show you that picture in a minute… That man was the CEO of the company you were to have the interview in. You could have had a mind-blowing career. Everything you had to do was to suggest your hand of help.

          Do you remember the old lady-clown who went at you with questions? That was a young beauty-actress who felt in love with you at first sight. You would have had happy future, children, abiding love. All you had to do was to have a look at her.

          Do you remember the woman who was weeping near your house? It was rainy evening and she was totally wet because of the tears… She was a famous writer. She was experiencing hard time in her life – a crisis in family relationships – she needed your support a lot. If you had helped her to get warmed in your apartment, to get supported due to your wise words of consolation, she would have written the book, in which she would have described that case. That book would have become world-known as well as would have you because the author would have indicated the name of the one who had become her muse on the front page. And, all you had to do that moment was to give your heart. You did not pay attention, my friend.

          The guy sighed and went away under the moonlight into the starry spaces…

          Let us listen to the world since it suggests opportunities.

          One needs not only to ask about a help but also to be able to accept this help with dignity.

          According to: Spiritual Psychological Counseling

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