25 Unquestionable Truths of Self-Development

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        • 25 Unquestionable Truths of Self-Development

          To realize our potential in life and be satisfied in the same time is exactly the formula of development. The simple advices on how to become successful in self-development are given below.

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          1. The knowledge you have gotten does yet not guarantee that you will grow and develop; the key issue is to be able to apply it.

          2. Good idea without action is nothing.

          3. The possibilities are not to be looked for; they are to be made.

          4. 10% of our life are influenced by the conditions we cannot control; 90% of our life are influenced by our reaction on them.

          5. Nothing we do not start today can be completed tomorrow; that is why it’s better never to procrastinate.

          6. Waiting for the ideal situation to realize your plans you can get nothing at the end.

          7. Until you be continuing to do what you are doing, you will be getting exactly what you are getting.

          8. It is worth not to be afraid of changes. The most often they happen in the moment when they are the most necessary.

          9. Discipline is necessary to choose the first between what you want the most and what you want right now.

          10. The more complicated way the bigger success is at the end.

          11. The difficult time cannot last for ages; yet, if a person makes it more complicated, it is for good.

          12. Many people failed many times before they got what they had wanted.

          13. There are no people who are born successful.

          14. There are many things, which we know nothing about.

          15. An imperfect plan is better than when there is no plan at all.

          16. First, is necessary to say “yes” – that will make your life more diverse and help to find a goal. After that, learn to say “no” to concentrate totally on this goal and to refuse from everything unnecessary.

          17. Irrespective of how you earn to live, you work only for one person – yourself. The main is to decide what you sell and to who.

          18. Everybody has his or her own advantages. Something that is good for someone cannot be good for you and vice versa.

          19. You will never become the producer of a good idea if you do not generate many bad ones before.

          20 To be busy and to be productive are two different things.

          21. To be happy and to be successful are two different things.

          22. There is a choice in any situation.

          23. Success is not to dominate others; it is to dominate your own potential.

          24. Life is full of possibilities, due to which you can become who you want to.

          25. You have an absolute right to be happy. It is you who decides to exercise this right or not.

          Source: Spiritual Psychological Counseling

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