Where is your basket?

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        • Where is your basket?

          I was impressed with the blessed Easter baskets because they were gorgeously embellished and contained fresh food the tempting smell of which made my mouth water.

          Every basket is very precious and reflects a soul of the person who has prepared it. They represent the time, money, nerves, and efforts which were spent. All these baskets are probably already empty and left in the corner waiting for the next opportunity to collect the food together.

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          That basket also portrays our heart which gathers various feelings. Its contents, as well as its smell given off through our deeds, depend on each of us.

          Our stashed away somewhere in the corner basket to collect dust should not wait for the next Easter to be cleaned and filled up with kindliness again it should serve us every day.

          We should try to put the nutritious food in it so that our organism can get the vital force.

          Our top priority is to care about the presence of Love for God, Love for Yourself, Love for Neighbor in this basket. It will be good to put the joy, peace of mind, wisdom, restraint, patience, piety, self-sacrifice, trust, truth there and to decorate it with the green myrtle which consists of good deeds. Our heart is covered with the memory that God is alive and omnipresent, as well as the food put into the Easter basket, is covered with the embroidered rushnyk.

          If we form this basket properly, we will not be afraid of Angel’s trumpet which will announce the renowned arrival of our Savior. We will rush to the Kingdom of God accompanied by Angel’s trumpet and the Easter bells which will be given to us according to the basket’s contents.

          We should not wait for the next Easter and start to fill up our basket from now so that it can be blessed by God in the day of His coming.


          Читай також

        • Three aspects which will change the Easter perception
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