What is she like – ‘a girl worth living with’?

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  • ‘O, woman, how beautiful you are …’ How little one needs to be happy!
        • What is she like – ‘a girl worth living with’?

          Each of us has his or her beau ideal, but not everyone will frankly tell you about it;)

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          DyvenSvit has been lucky to hear the contemplations of one 25-year-old boy – very manly in a good sense and at the same time the one that could guide girls willing to become somebody’s dream in a rather unexpected direction.

          1.    Attitude to the person you have chosen

          A woman must trust in her man. Since Eve was created of Adam’s rib, she is like his integral part he lacks. So she must support him.

          I know many men who have achieved a lot in their life exactly due to the support of their one-of-a-kinds.

          2.    Alcohol and other harmful habits.

          Alcohol abuse is bad both for men and for women. But the influence of alcohol on woman’s organism is worse. Women are usually morally stronger and can take anyone out of trouble. But if a woman becomes an alcohol addict, it is much more difficult for her to get rid of it than for a man. And she, being at that moment the beloved, the advisor for her husband, cannot help herself and may have a very negative impact on him.

          3.    Values

          A girl must realize that there is Somebody above us, and realize that everything she will do in this life will influence her soul in future and she will face the consequences. Therefore, she should keep to moral values.

          Ten commandments are the universal laws of life. If you don’t follow them, your mistakes will backfire.

          4.    Makeup.

          Girls shouldn’t overdo with makeup. For some reasons girls think that is nice, but in fact boys like more natural beauty.

          5.    A wish to have a family with children

          No matter how good the relations are between the two of you, but sooner or later the relations require updating. Children are the gift that can become an incentive for reconciliation in different minor misunderstandings.

          Certainly, that is only one man’s opinion, therefore we are urging you, men-readers, to add or suggest your versions.

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        • ‘O, woman, how beautiful you are …’ How little one needs to be happy!
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