A Slave Does Not Believe in Success

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        • A Slave Does Not Believe in Success

          Here are the most interesting points extracted from Fr. Mykolaj Fredyna’s lecture, entitled «Relationship Among Young People,» held within the overall context of the youth meeting, «How To Build a Happy Relationship?»

          Christ asked: «What would you like for me to do for you?». In order to have changes in one’s life, one needs three things: to believe it with their whole heart, to realize it with reason, and to speak up for it.

          A person who is not willing to have changes, in reality, will never come and ask for something.

          Walt Disney went to the bankers asking to finance his cartoon about Mickey Mouse. 300 bankers had refused him… Let us ask ourselves: «How many times would we try for something»?

          We have no right in our lives to stay inactive… Don’t be like a moth, which sits in someone else’s wardrobe and eats someone else’s fur coat.

          Читай українською: Невільник не вірить в успіх, – о. Миколай Фредина

          Holy Scripture teaches us to carry the burdens of the weak…Burdens, not people… We should help a person, not possess him or her.

          Just imagine parents who do not put their child on their feet to teach him or her to walk, being afraid that a child will fall down and will hurt himself. Such parents make their child a disabled person.

          We should not be like people upon whom it is painful to look. We have to become people who, even while having little to nothing, are happy.

          Timeserving is always accompanied with hypocrisy.

          A timeserver is a person who selfishly conforms to authority in order to create a facade for other people who genuinely work in the best way possible.

          The «best» and cruelest slave drivers were the slaves themselves who were given a whip.

          We, in our lives, are not always free, but we have no right to be slaves.

          Why did God choose Moses to lead the Jewish people out of Egyptian slavery? It is because he was the only Israelite who grew up in the pharaoh’s palace and not in slavery.

          Only a person who knows what freedom is will struggle for it.



          Fr. Mykolaj Fredyna is a priest, serving in the village of Solonka near Lviv. From 2009–2013, he was a rector of the Holy Spirit Lviv Spiritual Seminary.

          The meeting for youth, «How To Build a Happy Relationship?», was held on February 27, 2016 in the Holy Spirit Lviv Spiritual Seminary. There were over 170 young people registered for it. Within the day, they visited lectures and training programs, as well as participating in prayers and games.


          Photo: Andriy Bomchyk


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