10 Commandments For a Father

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        • 10 Commandments For a Father

          Being a father is not simple. Being a father means becoming a genuine example for one’s own children and a support for one’s own wife. Being a father means developing relationship with one’s wife and raising a new generation. Being a father means being a real person.

          10 commandments for a father.

          I. The first duty of a father, in regards to his children, is to love their mother.

          Upbringing is always a team game. A father can offer shelter for a mother, supporting her and giving her an opportunity for rest, to restore her energy and to find some time for herself.

          II. A father, primarily, should “be present”.

          His presence must mean: “You, as my family, are the most important people in my life”. Being present, in a father’s case, means communicating with children, discussing their problems, involving them as much as possible into his life; it also means learning to notice all the small and big signs, which are always sent by children.

          III. A father is an example, whether he wants it or not.

          A father is a model of honesty, decency, and benevolence. Even if children do not notice it and sometimes even deny it, in reality, they constantly watch what their father does and why he does it this way and not the other. What we call a conscience is very much dependent on a father.

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          IV. A father guarantees reliability.

          A father is a custodian.  All the family expects the father to defend them. A father defends them also when he establishes certain rules, time and space limitations, and, sometimes, prohibiting certain things. This is the best way of saying: “I am taking care of you”.

          V. A father encourages and gives inspiration.

          A father proves his love with respect, listening and accepting. His love is real as in those saying: “Whatever happens, I am always with you!” Thanks to this, children have self-respect growing in them. A father is always ready to help his children compensate for their weaknesses.

          VI. A father remembers and communicates.

          Fatherhood is an island of peace for those who have had a hard day. Ordinary moments, such as a dinner, is transformed by a father into a special family encounter in which everyone can have a comforting conversation with each other. A good father is able to create a charming atmosphere of remembrance.

          VII. A father teaches how to resolve problems.

          A father is the best guide in the surrounding world. He has a strong influence on his children due to his ability in handling life, all thanks to his attitude towards the reality surrounding us. A father is a person who provides, for his children, the map of life.

          VIII. A father forgives.

          A father’s forgiveness is what is most perceived and expected by a child; it is the most important feature of a father.

          IX. A father is always a father even if he lives far away.

          Every child has the right for his or her “own” father. When a father neglects his children, forgets, or abandons them, he imposes on them a wound which will never be healed.

          X. A father is an image of God.

          Being a father is a great vocation, not a personal choice. All the studies in psychology relate that children form for themselves an image of God based on an image of their own father. Jesus has taught us the prayer “Our Father”. If a mother prays with her children, it is wonderful but rather common. However, if a father prays with his children, they will never forget it.

          Based on: Spiritual and psychological consultation

          Photo: krasdor.com.ua

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