Students and Fasting: Eat, Pray and Love!

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        • Students and Fasting: Eat, Pray and Love!

          Student life can often be full of blessings, whether fasting or feasting. Traditionally, students keep the fast, starting from Wednesday, more rigorously on Friday; on Sunday, however, their soul and body are filled with joy, to put it as a joke. In reality, students are, probably, the most active part of humanity, spending much of their effort on intellectual activity, irregular working schedules, nights without enough sleep, etc… But how then would a student fast, and should he or she fast at all?


          Exhausting daily studies require high energy consumption. That is why it is absolutely vital to eat; besides, the food should be nutritious. In fact, preparing lean food can be very simple and not very expensive.

          Remember: all the variety of peeled grains, out of which tasty porridges – buckwheat, millet, oatmeal – can be prepared. Wash a certain amount of grains, put twice as much water into the pot, and study for you seminar. Any porridge can be made tastier by adding spices and oil. Remember to also add beans and peas – legumes are the best substitutes for meat.

          Читай українською: СТУДЕНТИ І ПІСТ: ЇЖ, МОЛИСЯ, КОХАЙ!

          Potatoes!!! It’s just the savior for Ukrainian cookery. Don’t neglect them, but it is better to cook them in their skins. It is both the simplest and the most nutritional way of cooking them. Besides, they can be fried and garnished with some homemade spices and greens.

          But the most important point is to follow season of vegetables. Spring reminds us of the great variety of vegetables, among which is cabbage of all kinds, onion, parsley, etc. Everything is in your hands and later in your stomachs – and you’ll shine with health! The essential thing is that such food is easily assimilated and cleans the whole organism.

          One should not forget, however, principle things: chips, snacks, and various pastries are foremost strictly excluded during the fasting.


          Within a student’s mega-difficult schedule, every few minutes spent with God will be valuable. When you go to or from lectures, walk in the spring sun – feel joy with God for all the opportunities you are given every day. Pray together with your friends! It can be a silent prayer, but, more importantly, that this activity is common.

          Go on a retreat or to spiritual lectures – changes will be irreversible… and pleasing!


          Springtime is a period of nature’s awakening. The joy of new life comes from everywhere, and being in love with this life is also a part of fasting.

          Rejoicing in wonder of God’s creation is also a fasting!

          If you have a beloved person, pray for him or her, and be willing to sacrifice your time, ambitions, and desires for his or her sake. This is also a fasting!

          Tetiana Trachuk


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