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  • 10 Commandments For a Father

          Nowadays, efforts are being intensified to introduce constitutional alterations regarding the family and to include, in the meaning of family, various types of unions which have nothing in common with it. Such tendencies have neither a logical explanation nor rational background.

          The family, however, is not just a term in the Constitution or in other official documents.  It is a grand institution; it has maintained its authority for centuries; its essence has been crystallized for centuries. Through the traversed path today, we can state what the essence of the family is and the very same basis by which we can distinguish a family from any other type of relationship.

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          So, first of all, the family is the union between a man and a woman, the encounter of two principles, equal in dignity, but absolutely different in substance. Furthermore, this difference is evident and can be denied only by physically blind, mentally insensible or spiritually rusty people. And such a union, through common life and complementarity diversity, creates a new community, a new reality. There are certainly cases, such as people who didn’t manage to build this reality, when a married couple were unable to face the challenges offered them by life – and they got separated. But this by no means cancels the truth that the family is the union between a man and a woman aiming to last for a lifetime.

          The exceptional vocation and task of the family is giving birth to and raising children. No other institution has this inscribed into its nature. Thus all other institutions only participate and assist the family in accomplishing such an imposing task. It also must be admitted that, sometimes, children are ill-bred because of their parents’ neglect of their inherent vocation. There are also married couples which, due to different reasons, cannot have their own children. Such cases, however, do not annul the truth that only a married couple – the union of a man and a woman – is capable of giving birth to children, being the only one to have all the prerequisites for raising them in an atmosphere of harmony.

          One should also not forget about the important function performed by a family for a society: only those societies which have strong families, built on high ideals and transmitting such ideals from generation to generation, can oppose various invasions, be it political, ideological, or moral.  And our nation has repeatedly experienced this during its history. One, striving to demolish the foundations of the family institution, does enormous harm to the society.

          These are the main characteristics of the reality which is called a family. Therefore, a logical question comes out: what out of this can be found in same-sex unions? Nothing! Thus, there are no reasons to call such unions a family. They should be offered another title, but not forced into the definition of a family, destroying its inherent sense. We can often hear the term «traditional» family. I consider such an expression to be incorrect. In context of what was said above, we can see that a family is an institution with its integral characteristics. Everything used which tries to define the notion of “non-traditionality” is just not a family! And one should not substitute notions here.

          It is also worth saying that the family’s nature and benefits have been shown for centuries.  It has its acquisition and authority in mankind; therefore, it merits having a place in the Constitution. If any other union were to gain such a status, it must demonstrate its indisputable good for society and for mankind. This needs time. But everyone understands that, in the case of the same-sex unions, it is impossible, trying thus to describe them with the title of a family.

          It is similar to drones making use of a bees’ labor.

          It looks as if someone has a one-wheel wheelbarrow, but he is very fond of the glory, respect, and prestige enjoyed in the world by those who have a «Mercedes». So he demands, from society, to recognize his wheelbarrow as a Mercedes and to permit it, on a legislative level, to run on the highways.

          Orest Demko

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          Читай також

        • 10 Commandments For a Father
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