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          In everyone’s life there are moments when the soul immerses into deep sorrow when nothing seems to be able to give consolation. It happens especially in moments when we have to be efficient at work, achieve the goals we set and make progress.

          In order to restore oneself in such cases in the resource state, the psychologists recommend making a small 5-day experiment, which guarantees a special sensation of happiness.

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          We all mainly perceive the world by five sensory systems:

          • Visual (vision);
          • Auditory (hearing);
          • Olfactory (smell);
          • Gustatory (taste);
          • Somatosensory (touch).

          It is proposed to live every day in the light of a certain sense. For instance, go out tomorrow and admire the world taking pleasure of it only through eyes. What will this day give us? Emission of serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, etc., since the center of pleasure will be activated this day. Similarly, one should search for enjoyment, within the next four days, by activating other sensory centers.

          So the 1st day of experiment has come: you are eyes. During the day just observe the beauty of the world: nature, smiles, animals, interiors, favorite colors. Create on your desktop a separate folder with pictures which you really enjoy, which make you feel an instant emotion of admiration.


          The 2nd day. Audio therapy: you are ears; you listen to the world and choose purposely what you really enjoy. Listen to the nature, to rustling of tree leaves, to breathing of wind, to singing of birds, to murmur of rain or waterfall, to the forest sounds, to the melodiousness of your native Ukrainian language, or French, or Italian. Additionally, create a folder on your desktop with your favorite music (for example, like this), which makes you feel happier (but not too «heavy»). You will be agreeably surprised. Without music life would be impossible!

          The 3rd day. You are a nose. You have the same task: fragrances of flowers, verdure, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, favorite perfumes. Enter the sweetshop and recollect your childhood aroma. Organize an evening with aroma candles or get used to the aromatic oils or to the fireplace aroma enhancers. One can also use air fresheners but only ecological ones. People very often forget that all these fragrances (as a therapy) will serve as a guaranty of good mood and feeling.

          The 4th day is a day of tasting and delicacies. But remember to keep within limits for the sake of your figure. Many overweight people just can’t think where their extra kilograms come from. Have you noticed that someone even publishes pictures with food in social networks? The thing is that such people, by means of food, take pleasure via all the sensory systems: contemplating food, crunching during mastication, fragrance, taste and touch.

          «The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose!»

          The 5th day consists in touching pleasure. Kisses, hugs, touches and caresses of any kind will be unforgettable! But one should remember to be moderate and reasonable!


          Thus, the experiment is over! Its results can be mostly useful but the main thing is that such a sensation of happiness will never make you drown in sorrow and will rapidly restore you to the resource state when you need to be especially productive, will show your emotional anchors for restoration.

          Take the trouble to make yourself happy by these five methods every day and you will have at least 5 reasons not to feel unhappy!

          Prepared by Yaryna Biletska

          Based on the video by Alunika Dobrovolska  “How to get pleasure from life”


          Читай також

        • ‘O, woman, how beautiful you are …’ How little one needs to be happy!
        • How to Recognize Our Vocation
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