10 Days without Plastic Material: the Youth Calls for #BEGREENCHALLENGE

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  • 10 днів без пластику: молодь закликає до #begreenchallenge
        • 10 Days without Plastic Material: the Youth Calls for #BEGREENCHALLENGE

          The participants of the Global Shapers Lviv Hub have decided to live 10 days without polyethylene, plastic bottles and plastic package and they invite all the interested to join the #begreenchallenge event.

          During 10 days, the organizers of the challenge suggest to all the ecologically conscious people to have been following further amendments: to change

          • Polyethylene packs into cloth bags;
          • Plastic bottles into the bottles of multiple usage;
          • Plastic package into the products without package or packed into cardboard boxes.


          Therefore, according to the Global Shapers Lviv Hub the rules #begreenchallenge are following:

          • To have been buying goods and products without polyethylene packs or plastic package everyday during 10 days. To make a picture of the process is advisable.
          • To have been counting approximately how many polyethylene packs, plastic packing, and plastic bottles is saved.
          • To have been posting your pictures or short stories on the market or the shop and the amount of the saved plastic packs etc on your page in social networking sites marked with a hashtag #begreenchallenge.
          • To have been inviting your friends to the event-challenge.


          This initiative has already been joined by the staff of the UGCC Patriachal Commission for Youth Affairs.

          According to Dana Kushpler, the leader of the “Someone Will Not Do It” youth social initiative, she goes for shopping with a cloth eco-bag. During 2 days after she has joined the event, 3 polyethylene packs and 2 plastic bottles has been saved. What if this amount is multiplied on all the population of your city?

          Marta Zozulia, the editor of the web-site of the DyvenSvit youth Christian portal, calls for buying summer berries in the plastic jars of multiple usage doing that herself by taking the last ones from home in advance while rhubarb, for example, can be bought non-packed at all. All this can be put into the rucksack, where all the goods can be carried in much easier way.


          So, join us! You can also join the organizer initiative group giving them your contact information. The results of the challenge as well as interesting news will be sent to you.


          Global Shapers are young successful talented people from the entire world united by the World Economic Forum (WEF) into one community for giving the additional possibilities to its participants to influence the future, make global changes and form more harmonized world.

          The Global Shapers Community is organized into the local center network – hubs – with a headquarter in the capitals and big cities of the majority of the world countries. The Global Shapers realize their initiatives, organize events and actions, which positively influence different sides of life of their local communities or countries in general. The participants of the community from different countries have the possibility to freely interact among themselves and give support to one another to realize their local initiatives.

          Someone Will Not Do It is the social initiative of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Patriarchal Commission for Youth Affairs, which unites active youth that is ready to make changes starting to change itself. It works in further main domains: ecology, roads safety, quality of education, and happy family. Now, the centers of the Someone Will Not Do It work in Lviv and Khmelnytskyi. Every year, the competition of the “I Want! I Can! I Will Do It!” mini-grants for youth initiative groups takes place too to realize social projects at parishes. This year the Competition is taking place in Lviv and Kyiv archdioceses and Kamyanets-Podilskyi diocese.

          Photo: Global Shapers Lviv Hub, Dana Kushpler, Marta Zozulya



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        • 10 днів без пластику: молодь закликає до #begreenchallenge
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