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        Everyone of us lives in the world with an enormous rhythm thorough planning and an intense work schedule and almost everybody starts their morning from reviewing news in the social networking sites or checking their e-mails. We are hardly wake up and immediately swallowed by the communications flow. How is it possible to find the time for a morning prayer with such a rhythm and is it worthwhile? There are few reasons below that can motivate to pray in the morning.

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        1. You are wake up and, obviously, thousands of thoughts about the most diverse issues are in your head. Nevertheless, wait a bit. Today you could not wake up at all. Maybe, after you open your eyes, it is worth to thank to God first because you can see again?

        2. Nobody knows what will have been waiting us during the day. Today can bring you the biggest joy as well as the biggest disappointment. Ask God about the power to accept this day imperturbably, in the way it is, remembering the words from one parable of Solomon, “This too shall pass.”

        3. Every morning we wake up as new people for a new life. Maybe, it is worth to ask God about power to forgive ourselves for everything that is done wrong and leave our sins in the past.

        4. If today is the day that have been waiting for so long, ask God to experience all the events together. When He share your joy, it will become incomparably bigger.

        5. If the day light irritates you from the very beginning, there are neither energy, nor wish to live, there is no motivation to get up, try to address God – in the way you believe is the best. With your words, thoughts, maybe, even with your complaints; what is the most important is that you speak – and He will hear you.

        6. In the morning you feel the best – the morning prayer will help you to make a choice and to solve what has not been fixed yet. God speaks in the silence.

        7. Try to verify – under any circumstances, even if you overslept, stop to pray for few minutes, say “hello” to God and your day will get unbelievable order (by – as it seems – no reason); you will do everything in time.

        8. The morning prayer is an excellent opportunity to ask God to realize what you wish the most, because your heart is absolutely open after sleep; it is not touched by the routine vanity; God will see your sincerity.

        Therefore, everybody decides for themselves – to pray in the morning or not. Nevertheless, the experience that the morning prayer transforms our lives is absolute.

        Tetyana Trachuk, DyvenSvit

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        Читай також


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