The Way to Be a Christian: 17 Good Points by Rev. Orest Fredyna

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        • The Way to Be a Christian: 17 Good Points by Rev. Orest Fredyna

          Sunday is the day of God, the day of our freedom

          Who are the Christians of the XXI century, what are they bothered with, and what challenges do they have to meet every day? These issues, as well as many others, were discussed during the talk with Rev. Orest Fredyna on the “Open Church”. DyvenSvit has collected the most interesting points for our readers.


          To be a Christian means to belong to Christ, to be touched by God during the Sacrament of Baptism and to be grateful to God for all our content of life.

          Many people try to become successful in a certain domain; nevertheless, there is a moment in the life of everyone when the depth is speaking up. That is the exact moment when the person starts to think about which direction they are moving, and there is no person or civilization that has not had such a moment.

          The life of the saints is practicing the Gospel, for Christianity is the practicing of the Gospels every day. We cannot learn to swim with the help of a book, and, equally, we cannot learn to be a Christian by theory.

          Sunday is the day of God, the day of our freedom. It is the feast of the resurrection of Christ, victory of life over death; to a certain extent, it is the manifestation of our freedom. It is impossible to be a Christian without Christ.

          During my childhood, I have received an example of profound prayer from my mother; yet, probably, what impressed me the most about it was her attitude towards the world and people.

          If there was no time of the underground Church, probably, I would not get the courage to become a priest because I would not consider myself worthy enough to do that. When I started my studies, I did not realize my life as a priest was a life in freedom. I thank God for everything.

          To be a Christian is to remain loyal to Christ, not because it is has to be like that, but because all your being needs this.

          Now, we live in a country with a huge amount of challenges, and we have two options: to fall down, stop and complain, or to rise up: orare et lavorare (to pray and work.)

          The pupils of Christ had the opportunity to live in the presence of the living God. The Christian must do the same, to feel the presence of God by learning to kneel, asking for His blessing in the morning, remaining for the whole day in his presence no matter what we are doing: whether playing a violin, playing football, entering or exiting a marshrutka (a mini-bus – transl.), or kneeling in a church. Here is the problem needing attention: if we are in another space, it is difficult for us to stop immediately to pray; we always need to feel the presence of God.

          In the place where there are Christians, there are no blind people. We need to see one another, every day, because how can we love God, whom we do not see, if we do not love our brother (and a sister) which we can see? The practice of our life shows the truth of our belief.

          The Christianity is always a choice equally as is it a choice in the world, to give a bribe or not including.

          To be a Christian is to be courageous; the symbol of Christianity is a lion, a king, the power. It is also a lamb, a fish, but never a chameleon.

          As the pupils of Christ, we, as Christians, should not show anything. Maybe, I should leave those people who hate loving, even if they have been redeemed with the blood of Christ? I pray to God to give me the strength needed to tell this to them.

          Love is always the same; this is the power the world is called to live. Those who are against this strive to destroy this harmony. The Christian can remain authentic and be a doctor, a teacher, a soldier at the same time. There are people who take weapons to destroy, and there are those who take it to defend.

          When you go to a meeting, you are getting ready; entering a church means to get ready.

          I like the idea of the freedom of the children of God. All the rules are to educate us, not to limit us.

          The way to Europe is a good one. To be together is always better when we have a certain level.

          By Tetyana Trachuk


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