“Movie Outdoors” or How to Make Romantic Evening Free of Charge

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        “Movie Outdoors” or How to Make Romantic Evening Free of Charge

        Since a good movie under the starry sky is something special, isn’t it?

        I love watching good movies. Those that make me think about myself, about my life. I like to rest outdoors as well, to simply lay down and relax. During the summer, there is no special desire to stay inside. Therefore, there was a necessity to invent something. Besides, I periodically wanted a kind of romantic setting (I guess, women will understand me) – one with a romantic movie, appropriate atmosphere, stars (the list is not complete as we can constantly fill it.) Therefore, having weighed everything, having discussed and decided, we will combine both a movie and nature. So said, so done!


        What was most difficult was having to decide. I understood that the idea was good, but I was very afraid! That’s why I am so grateful for my husband, friends, volunteers and all those interested who helped and calmed me down. Before the first movie run, I had troubles  falling asleep. I saw dreams and different versions of the event’s development. It’s a pity that I did not put it down. I could make the event of the movie on my own! Not even a movie but it could be a television series, or some horror movie with a comedic subtext. Yet, July 23rd arrived at the city of Khmelnytsk and the evening arrived just as quickly.

        I recall the event as if it was yesterday. I stayed and waited for the beginning, checking everything a hundred times already. So much fear! One thought that did give me peace inside was that “what if nobody was interested suddenly?” What if having a movie outdoors was not the best choice for spending time? Nevertheless, the first group that arrived at our meadow dispelled my doubts. I am not sure about your name, but I will never forget you! While some doubts were dispelled, others appeared: was not the meadow too small for the amount of people? The number of people was high indeed.

        When I realized that there was a balanced audience during the next movie runs, it was already clear that the idea had been good. Yet, the equipment was not professional for the event, and the movies were downloaded from the Internet. Nevertheless, every movie was chosen very carefully because each was an example for a discussion and reflection upon the problems within family relations.

        When it seemed to me that this was at its end, and that this needed to stop because people were probably annoyed with the event, I closed my eyes and recalled the applauses that were given by the grateful watchers every single time a movie would end. It was worth it to continue, even for that atmosphere. And, this will be continued. The season is over because of the weather, for winter is coming. The story about the end is a separate story. Volunteers and I were trying to keep the film equipment dry because it was starting to rain. That was extreme! What was surprising is that the watchers did not leave. We parted ways with warm sincerity till we’d see one another next time. No doubt, we will continue next year, since a good movie under the starry sky is something special, isn’t it?

        Source: Caritas of Khmelnytskyi Blog

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