Battery, charger and coffee

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        Battery, charger and coffee

        There are the hustle and bustle everywhere. Everybody is in a great hurry. Time flies unceasingly.

        You are in an unknown city on the important business. You take out the phone to call, but it makes that all-too-familiar sound which means that your phone is running out of battery. You search for the contact, choose it with the hope that there is enough battery charge and call. A few beeps seem like an eternity when the phone is almost dead. You begin to worry and wait for an answer impatiently.

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        The screen blinks and goes out. You are at your wits’ end and, besides that, currently not available. The irritation and dissatisfaction fill a soul. The phone in a hand feels how the strong fingers clench it and crackles. However, nothing changes. You try to find a way out of this ridiculous situation, make your brain work and recall that the charger is waiting for you in a valise.  Well, at least one good news. You pop into a coffee shop, lugging the valise and looking for a socket to bring your phone back to life.

        The socket is free and can be used. The screen turns on but in a second goes out again. Some time is needed for the phone to reach a few percentages of battery’s capacity and show signals of life. A wise decision occurs to you and a cup of coffee which aroma stops time emerges on the table near the phone. The haste vanished, and the marvelous drink’s aftertaste appears in the mouth together with an energy boost for the whole day. Another attempt is made to switch the disobedient phone. You hear a greeting melody, and the hope revives. Your finger presses the green button and the beeps together with a long-awaited answer are heard. You are back in the game.

        It is similar to the spiritual life when you feel the despair and disappointment in your heart when your vital battery blinks red and gives the last sounds, it is time to stop. You should stop and remember the valise, your spiritual first aid kit where a charger represented by the prayer is waiting for you. God pours in our heart his kindness through the prayer, which has the ability to revive and do wonders. And what is the role of coffee? A cup of coffee teaches us to halt in the whirlpool of everyday matters and enjoy our life, by sharing an aromatic drink with our subscribers in the real life and thereby recharging both our and the neighbor’s battery.

        So, are you in or out?

        Photo: papigutto


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