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  • 25 Unquestionable Truths of Self-Development

          With our rapid pace of living the striving for the spiritual, in fact, never stops. And each of us does so many daily spiritual searches. We suggest several simple, but brilliant observations of a monk of Athos, which keep being meaningful at present

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          Life has got no dead ends – people find them.

          Happiness is when we follow God, while unhappiness is when God follows us.

          Accept all pains and sufferings joyfully – these are all manifestations of the eternal life that is never to be destroyed.

          With God the impossible is most likely to happen.

          To live does not mean to accumulate faults, but to liberate ourselves from them.

          Quite often unbelievers have more open hearts than the ones who have long been believers.

          A mentor shows the way, but one should find the way to clean up their hearts themselves.

          Never blame circumstances and people. Always blame yourself.

          Don’t trust your eyes and ears. Trust God.

          Literal and unconscious following of the commandments shall not lead a person to a heart cleanup.

          To notice the faults of others means to multiply your own ones.

          If you pass by your brother, no prayer will help you.

          The good is the only form of life.

          To reproach people for their faults is the same as to reproach a mirror.

          Absence of the good cannot be covered by good words and a humble facial expression.

          Only real happiness has neither end nor boundaries.

          When we start clinging to this world as to a support, it becomes an abyss.

          Even a minor sin takes your heart away from Christ.

          Quite often circumstances come as a straight jacket for us.

          Those who are not afraid of God are afraid of death. But is there anything to be afraid of for those who are afraid of God?

          God never leaves people. It is people who always leave God.

          When it seems to be the end of all – that is where it all starts.

          Materials: youtube

          Record and translation by Tetyana Trachuk

          Photo: freepik


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        • 25 Unquestionable Truths of Self-Development
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