5 things that should be left in the old year

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        5 things that should be left in the old year

        Wishing our loved ones merry holidays, happy birthday or Happy New Year, we wish them health, love, success and other positive things. Our wishes list everything that is very necessary for happiness. But it is often important not to have something but to get rid of what poisons our lives.

        The New Year is a great opportunity to leave behind things that steal our joy.

        So what should we leave in the old year to get more joy from life?

        1. Fear

        Each of us sometimes feels fear in different situations. This is normal if it does not last too long. You need to learn to overcome your fears, because they prevent us from acting. Often, we do not achieve our goals because we are afraid, not because it is really difficult. Every time we become scared we can say to ourselves: “Yes, I’m afraid. But I’ll handle it! God is with me and fear cannot stop me on my way to my dreams. ”

        The same applies to doubts. We just have no right to doubt ourselves. God believes in us! Therefore, we also have to believe in ourselves, not to be afraid and not to doubt our own value and the ability to achieve something.

        1. Complaint


        Very often, instead of being happy in life, we find something to regret. We do not like the weather, our work, study, family. Every day we are dissatisfied with something, our life does not seem to us to be the way we would like. But it’s worth thinking about how it would change, if instead of complaining we emphasized the good things God has given us. Our day would definitely be better if we started it from the list for which we are grateful. Believe me, many people would like to have a life we complain about.

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        1. Jealousy


        It is a pity that in school we are not taught to rejoice because each of us is unique and wonderful in its own way. Often, we compare ourselves with others, we think that we are not so beautiful, intelligent or rich. We are sad or even worse – we start to envy. Then it cannot be said about joy, happiness and harmony. We must leave even the slightest envy in the old year, because they destroy our lives. If God created us as we are, then He needs us exactly as such. It’s time to love yourself and never compare yourself to others.


        1. Pity about the past


        Whatever our past, we have a chance to have a wonderful future! Unfortunately, sometimes we do not believe in it and scold ourselves for errors that we have made. Such thoughts as “If I behaved in a different way, everything would have been better” steal our joy. We are unhappy today because we cannot reconcile with the past. I think it’s time to realize that our past has no effect on our present and future. Even if we made a mistake, let’s give it to God. He will definitely be able to turn the situation in our favor. And we should just enjoy the wonderful present day and stop blaming ourselves.


        1. Pride


        Pride poisons our life the most. Until this feature lives in us, we will not be able to have a harmonious relationship with either people or God. Even if we think that we are in a win-win situation, as long as we are too proud, we cannot have peace in the heart. Unfortunately, the fact that we are not able to show obedience, to compromise, asking for forgiveness often destroys our destinies. It is very important to understand that while pride lives in us, goodness, love, respect, or nobility will not exist in us. Therefore, if we even notice a small piece of pride, we should get rid of it with God’s help.


        Of course, everyone has a lot of bad habits that should be left in the old year, but if we stop scaring, complaining, envying, scolding ourselves for past mistakes and become humble, our lives will be much happier.




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