Tips only for real leaders

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        Tips only for real leaders

        The most important tips for those who are constantly ready to overcome obstacles, conquer new tops, lead other people. “Way of a warrior. Spirituality of the leader during the stormy changes” by Father Andriy Zelinsky – inspires, motivates, and encourages.

        Be a movement, join the movement, move the movement

        The most important competence of the person who should lead others is to become a part of the movement, to join this movement and move. The realization that I am a part of an unceasing movement is the first step towards mastering chaos. This skill is one of the most important steps for gaining leadership competency.

        The leader appears where there is resistance force

        The world is constantly changing. Uncontrolled change becomes a threat. One of the first opponents on our way is fear. Wherever fear appears, a warrior is necessarily born, capable of overcoming it. This man knows what he wants, has a clearly formulated task and knows what to do to achieve the goal, overcoming resistance.

        The leader appears where there is resistance force. And this is inevitable! Even to wake up in the morning, you need to overcome resistance force; to make yourself dream about the future – you need to overcome resistance: fatigue, pain, stress, laziness, depression, death. It all resonates in our minds with fear that raises doubts. Where has a fear of death appeared in our experience? We have never died. Any failure is psychologically perceived like death: I have formed myself, built up and suddenly – failure. At this time the new “I” is dying.

        Accumulation of failures forms a sense of non-existence, which prevents the achievement of a certain goal. Resistance always has a smell of fear. That is why the resistance line becomes for us the line of the front.

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        Where others see chaos, the leader will notice the opportunity

        Only the person who can notice at a particular moment a particular opportunity generates resources to make his dream come true. The soldier has a specific horizons in life, because his first victory is over himself, the second is over life circumstances, and finally – over the enemy.

        The dawn moment is the time of a certain destruction, but also the time of new opportunities. The leader is able to recognize the first moments of the new day. A man who fights for his dawn will be able to recognize the presence of opportunities at any moment. Even where others see chaos, the leader will notice the opportunity to create and live in a new way.

        The leader never get tired of going to victory

        Not every manager is a leader. After all, the leader knows what he wants, where to find the right ways. He has a clear horizon – a victory. He never gets tired of working on himself and improving his temper. Victory for a warrior has three faces: a victory over himself, over life circumstances, over an enemy. There are no abstract victories-each has its own name, otherwise it’s just rhetoric. Unless we clearly outline what we are fighting for, we will never know how to achieve this. The victory should have a name expressed in a word.

        The highest pleasure of a warrior is the taste of victory

        A warrior is not a profession, but a type of character. He is ready to endure, but only for the sake of victory – complete and final. A warrior does not accumulate what is going on, but aims for eternal. Wherever there is intolerance, threats and obstacles, there is an opportunity to become a leader there, a warrior – a man who is faithful to victory. The highest pleasure of a warrior is the taste of victory. We need energy, happiness and joy to move on. After all, two signs of internal human health – a sense of taste and meaning. It is important for us to learn to see victories and enjoy them; see the victories of those who are near us and rejoice with them; see Ukraine’s victories today and enjoy them.

        Stop in personal development – means to die

        When the horizon of complete victory over ourselves, over life circumstances, over the enemy disappears – at this moment we stop, and this is the end. Stop in personal development – means to die. There must be daily development and movement. Where I stop – my life stops, and I begin to exist. A warrior, despite fear, obstacles, is able to gather himself, fill his own physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions, to define his own way.

        The warrior is constantly developing

        The enemy has his forces not only on the other side of the line of collision, but insidiously tries to move to the heart of the warrior to overcome from the inside. He is aiming for a sense of fear and disbelief, disappointment and boredom – these are the main enemies of the leader.

        There is always a fear that everything will collapse. But why should I go if I do not reach there? Why fight if I cannot? When there are no opportunities – there is disappointment. So one of the most important enemies in the field of the spiritual battle is boredom, which has several names: exhaustion, burnout. In a world where there are a lot of dreams and resources are limited, this is a serious challenge.

        How to assemble forces? Take care of the strategies that you develop to overcome fear, disappointment, boredom, and despondency. After all, when you don’t develop intellectually, physically, emotionally – you stop. And the warrior is constantly developing. There is no more powerful mechanism for personal development than the mechanism of auto-reflection, when I analyze what is happening in me.

        Learn to rejoice and believe

        Do not be afraid to experiment with life, it must be colorful. Learn to color reality with your dreams, projects, and ideas and believe in them. Because, as soon as you are disappointed, you will not make the first step.

        Marines believe that there are three values: honor, courage, and devotion. Honor – there are certain principles in life according to which it is necessary to organize it. Courage – allows you to take the first step. But that is not enough to reach victory. It is necessary to have the devotion to the person who is near and to the victory – the horizon to which we step. When courage leads us to devotion, there is a real opportunity to reach what we think about, to victory.

        The victory is possible only thanks to the team

        The enemy tries to strike the spirit of brotherhood. When something is destroying that is capable of overcoming the resistance force – there is another serious enemy. We will do nothing alone. In the Marines, we often repeat that even one in the field is a warrior. That victory is possible only thanks to the team. We always need somebody who can support us, who will help us to win a common victory through our faith. The ability to form a team, to form a feeling that there is a person who always helps to overcome fear, despair and achievement – this is a great art.

        The warrior is always on his way to the next victory

        The warrior is not afraid to fall – the warrior is afraid not to rise. The worst thing is to accept. If you, realizing the project, say: “it’s a beautiful moment, stop” – at that moment, evil has prevailed. The leader cannot afford it, especially when somebody follows him.

        The spiritually mature leader stops only to fill his forces, reflect on himself and reality. Reflection is an inevitable process for achieving victory, but not stopping. A stop is when you do not need to reflect, and when you are just happy. And this is a danger, because at that moment a warrior dies.

        The warrior does not get tired of climbing every time. Even when it seems that there is no reason to move on. He always depicts new horizons in his consciousness and demands from himself more than he is, than he has, than he can.

        The warrior is always on his way to the next victory. He gets pleasure not only from victory, but also from the very path. This warrior does not know when it happens, but it will happen if it does not stop.

        A warrior dies not from a bullet, but from a stop on the way to victory

        Be afraid not to climb! The worst thing that can happen to you is the belief that you do not have to rise. This is the voice of instability, which in the ears of your heart brings a lie that you – nobody. And this is the end. This is the most dramatic defeat. When we believe that I am nobody, I’m not … I do not have … it’s a defeat. But to believe that even where you are not cute, you have the right and the duty to get up and move forward – it’s a victory.

        The two main competencies of the leader are to go and lead.

        Three important things that will help to achieve this (by definition of military leadership): the formulation of the goal, a critical analysis of available resources and awareness – my life in my hands.

        When we feel responsible for ourselves, for our own victory, it is the responsibility of our common victory. People die from bullets – a warrior dies not from a bullet, but from a stop on the way to victory.

        Prepared by Natalia PAVLYSHYN

        Photos are from open internet resources







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