10 reasons why no one is responsible for us

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        • 10 reasons why no one is responsible for us

          Nothing loses its actuality as traditions. Being born and bringing up in the shells of traditional philosophical systems, we are sometimes almost unable to rethink ourselves in a different way.

          If, for example, we get used to the fact that the cause of one or another problem in our lives is someone else, then, accordingly, all future relations will be based on pretentiousness, exaggerated expectations from others, etc. Therefore, instead of constantly solving endless conflicts with the world, it is worth taking these several rules.

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          1. There is no any reason to blame the world, God, parents … that you were born in this country. In the world, there are more than 7 billion people – and none of them has determined their place of birth. And this does not release us in any way from responsibility for the Motherland, whatever it can be.
          2. No one determines the quality of our lives, except us. Once God gave each of us the mind – and it is only our business how to use it.
          3. Spiritual harmony or emptiness is also everyone’s own business. Sometimes you can hear a lot of accusations against priests, consecrated persons who somehow discredit themselves. But let’s be frank if you have a strong faith and firm beliefs, then there is time and desire to dig into someone else’s clothes, or moreover, to persuade yourself and everyone that someone’s negative example has taken you from the right way?
          4. The relationships that we build with others provide a degree of responsibility for them. Often, when two people divorce, instead of admitting their mistakes, they blame each other for everything. If love and respect were the leaders of our relationship, then any conflicts could be solved.
          5. There are no borders of human egoism and all those “problems” which it causes. To love yourself – it’s natural, but it’s totally unnatural – to love nobody except yourself.
          6. An alarm clock is not guilty that we miss the gym in the morning or do not study a new portion of the words from a foreign language. The reason is one – laziness and problems with the distribution of time.
          7. No one makes us spend hours on purposeless surfing in social networks – and this, perhaps, without any comment.
          8. If your work is not yours, then change it. You should not search justifications and pseudo-arguments “for the benefit”. Work is the realization of your vocation, not daily punishment.
          9. Life does not become “grey and ordinary” by itself: it is the result of our actions or our attitude towards the world around us.
          10. One day we have to leave this world – and no one is guilty that we have not found time to realize our dreams and goals, to become really happy.




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